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Jason Sheppard, 35, is currently serving his second term as Monroe County Commissioner. He serves as Chairman of the Physical Resource Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee, 911 Board, Streamlining Development Committee and Economic Development Committee (EDC).

 Jason’s experience as a County Commissioner and as a business owner has given him an inside look at fiscal policies, and allowed him to develop a strong knowledge for the field. Jason states, “Economic Development is my passion and it is a key component of our State’s future success. Michigan’s economy is emerging again and it is my mission to continue to discover opportunities that will attract new business and help existing enterprises thrive.”
Jason and his wife of 11 years, Melissa, reside in Temperance. Jason is a commercial real estate agent with Signature & Associates, and runs a small business that he owns and founded 17 years ago.
As far as representing the people, Jason has a very home-grown approach. His thoughts: “elected officials should be engaged with the citizens that they are representing and actively be their voice. This has been my main goal as a County Commissioner and will continue to be my focus through the campaign season and beyond. The driving force of this campaign is to build a robust, resilient and revitalized Michigan.”


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