Jason Sheppard for Representative

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“It’s a privilege to call Melissa and Jason friends, and I’m glad you are all here to make this investment…what I like about Jason Sheppard is that he understands the importance of service, he understands small business, and he has great roots. I think we have something special here in Jason Sheppard.” -Attorney General Bill Schuette

Assistant Prosecutor Michael Brown Senator Randy Richardville US Congressman Tim Walberg
Commissioner Dave Hoffman Commissioner J. Henry Lievens Commissioner Mark Brant
MB&T President and CEO Doug Chaffin Erik Chappell Sue Garverick
Rebecca Hicks John Bates, Jr Tim Lake
John Bates, Sr Tracy Oberleiter Anette Phillips
Jess Saylor Michael Whittaker Patricia Braden
Barry Buschmann Lacey Anagnostu Daniel Clark
Lydia Clark Melissa Garverick Molly Garverick
Jaclyn Chrzanowski Frank Chrzanowski Stacey Chrzanowski
Sue Garverick Darren Garvin Micael Henning
Drew Kaseman Darlene Krueger Jenny Krueger
Jim Krueger Cherie Osswald Tom Osswald
Tim Perry Dan Roth Melissa Sheppard
Corey Shidler Jamie Shidler Lisa Tanner
Melanie Wiens Ashley Yarnell Pat Yarnell
John Zemsky Laura Zemsky Joanne Anagnostu
Kim Bartlett Brett Barlett Bill Bartlett
Gloria Barlett Tim Bell Jo Bach
Erick Chappell Ray Crots Donna Crots
Arnold Dandron Paul DeLand Diane DeLand
Darren Garvin Grant Garvin John Gibson
Susie Gibson Andrew Gill Elizabeth Gill
Phill Gill Bev Hammerstrom Rebecca Hicks
Charles Kennon Glenda Kennon H. James Krueger
Darlene Krueger Mark Lacy Roger Lewis
Karen Lewis Greg Moore, Jr. Pam Palmieri
Anne Rossio Tracy Oberliter Barbara Stroupe
Tamara Stansley Charles Stansley Mark Sheppard
Thomas Sylak Amy Sylak Rob Steele 
Jack Thayer  David Uhl Garry Wilmoth
Bart Wilmoth Bart Wilson Sue Wilson

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